Ohio Bad Credit Loans

Choose Ohio bad credit loans for your short term cash needs. If you live in the Buckeye State and could use some extra dough in your bank account, we have direct lenders lined up and ready to accept your application. We have some of the finest lenders in the business that specialize in approving people with poor credit scores. Just complete the application and you could be the next Ohioan approved.

OH Loans for Bad Credit
$500 - $50,000


Can I Get an Installment Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes, installment loans are available to residents of Ohio that have a bad credit score. We have direct lenders that approve loans all over the country. A credit score below 620 is considered bad. Millions of Americans have financial history that leaves them with a checkered credit report. An installment loan offers you the chance to repay the borrowed funds plus interest over the course of the coming months. Unlike a payday advance, which is due in full on your next paycheck.

Direct Lenders In Ohio That Approve Loans Online

We have a bunch of direct lenders that offer installment loans to people in Ohio with poor credit. Many lenders in our network do not even check your credit score while accessing you loan application. They are more interested in how much money you make each month, if you can repay the loan on time, and if your bank account is in good standing. If approved, you will receive an installment loan offer which you can review and read all details before committing to any loan agreements.


Why You Might Need Extra Cash in Ohio

There are probably a million reasons a person might need to borrow money online.

Maybe your favorite band was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They will be there to sign autographs and take pictures. You have seen them in concert 13 times but never had the chance to meet them. This may be your only chance to catch them in Cleveland, OH and you have to act fast. Tickets as selling out quick. You have the money in your bank account to cover the expense but your phone bill and rent are due next week. So you can get an installment loan through badcreditloans.net and make the trip. The money will be in your account by the next business day so you do not need to worry about the phone bill or rent. Pay the loan off during the next few months and you can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Choose Your Loan Amount: $100 | $500 | $1000 | $2000 | $10,000 | $50,000

You live in Cincinnati and your sisters says she's coming to visit and bringing your nephew. Cool, but you are a young adult and your idea of a good time is going to the pub and singing karaoke with your crew. You know nothing about entertaining an 8 year old. You do a little research and decide the Cincinnati Zoo would be a great place to burn and afternoon with the little rug rat. Unfortunately, the zoo seems to be pretty proud of its exhibits and lunch choices. By the time you walk out of there you've blown $150 and have no money left for your lunches or dinners the following week. This is the exact type of situation we see all the time. How about a $500 bad credit loan? This easily covers you this week and you can repay all the money back over the next couple months.

Can You Guarantee I Will Be Approved?

We would love to be able to guarantee approval for an installment loan in Ohio. Unfortunately, that's not really how the lending game is played. All direct lenders that are willing to approve installment loans want o know their money is in safe hands and will be repaid with interest. The only real way to accomplish this is with a detailed application. The good news it that our application is free and will not show up on your credit report. So if you are trying to improve your credit score, this will not affect it. If we are able to match you with an Ohio direct lender, you will receive a short term credit offer. If we can not match you with a lender, we basically both shake hand go on about our business.


Best Options for a Bad Credit Loan in Ohio

There are several options available if you need a loan in Ohio and have bad credit. Which one is the best will be up to you to decide.

  • Credit Unions - There are a bunch of quality credit unions in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and all over Ohio. But they do seem to want to run a credit check every time you step in the door. The best options is if you already have a relationship with one of these financial institutions, this may be your "in" to get approved even if you have poor financial history. As about their high-risk lending options.
  • Personal Finance Companies - Depending on the city you live in, a personal loan from a finance company may be a solid option. These lenders may also want to check your credit but it depends on how much you are looking to borrow. If you just new a few hundred bucks, you could squeak by without anyone inquiring about your credit report. They may approve you for a signature loan with not collateral involved.
  • Payday Loans - If you are really in a tight spot you might want to consider a payday loan. This is probably your most expensive option but you could get money quick without any mention of your credit. Be prepared to repay the money on your next payday and in full.
  • Credit Cards - If you have a credit card, charging an additional transaction is not that big of a deal, if you have enough credit available to cover the expense. If you want to inquire about a new credit card, your past financial life will likely be an issue.
  • Apply With Us - We already know all the direct lenders that might be willing to approve your application. We did the leg work and made the process and simple and hassle-free as we possibly could. This is why thousands of people from Ohio have trusted us with their short term financial needs.

12 Month Installment Loans

You could receive up to 12 months to repay your installment loan. It is possible to get even longer payments, years in fact. If you choose to borrow a large amount, the lender will consider the amount you make each month and the size of the loan payment. No lender wants to see you fail on your loan. This costs them money and an wreck your credit even worse.

Consumer Protection in Ohio

If you ever feel an installment loan lender has mistreated you or broken any state laws or statutes, you can notify the Ohio Division of Consumer Protection. They protect Ohioans from any predatory or illegal business practices. They enforce any laws that prohibit unfair an deceptive practices. We also want to hear if you have any issues with a direct lender from our network.

Ohio Attorney General
30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Make Good Financial Decisions

Remember that you are the only one who can make good financial decisions for you. Short term credit is more expensive and has higher interest rates than traditional lending options. Unsecured and secured loan options should be considered before making any final decisions. You must be 18 to apply in Ohio for any bad credit loans from direct lenders.